Your cloud, free from lock-in

Widemesh doesn't try to re-invent the wheel, it's a simple service that provision all the components necessary to have apps deployed in your own DigitalOcean or AWS account. A few intrinsic properties of this model is that you get back the independence cloud providers are trying to steal from you: the ability to move between clouds at will. The flexible deployment environment provided by Widemesh allows you to deploy most modern apps using any credits you may have, you no longer need to pay an overpriced and limited 3rd-party service for the lacking experience of cloud providers.

More Credits for Everyone

With Widemesh no credits are wasted, you can use all your cloud credits at the same time or finish with one provider and switch to the next one in 30 seconds without changing any tooling. Rinse and Repeat.

Cross-Cloud Availability

Availability zones and Regions are no longer enough. Multi-region downtimes are here to stay. With Widemesh you no longer have to helplessly wait refreshing their status page hoping the issue gets resolved soon, with a single command just switch to another cloud even before they update their Status Page.

Fear-free business

You don't have to go viral so your cloud provider lets you regain access to your apps, Widemesh lets you take your business somewhere else in case your cloud provider inexplicable shutdowns your account.

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