Widemesh CLI v0.6.8


Widemesh CLI v0.6.8

mesh [flags]


  -h, --help   help for mesh


  • mesh certificates - TLS certificates for HTTPS endpoints, uploaded or automatically requested from Let’s Encrypt
  • mesh config - Configurations available to your stack as environment variables
  • mesh deploy - Compiles the app in the current directory and deploys it to the current stack and service
  • mesh deployments - Code built and deployed to your app
  • mesh endpoints - Expose stack services to the internet
  • mesh environments - Network-isolated group of stacks and services
  • mesh identity - Sign-in and Sign-up for user accounts
  • mesh logs - Stdout and Stderr logs
  • mesh providers - Provider account hold the credentials so Widemesh can provision the infrastructure to deploy your apps
  • mesh racks - Groups of servers to run your apps
  • mesh run - runs command interactively inside a service container
  • mesh services - Scale-independent units of work based on the source code deployed in the stack
  • mesh stacks - Groups of services based in the same deployed source code
  • mesh version - Version and Contact Information
  • mesh watchers - Email notifications for stake-holders