Widemesh on DigitalOcean

You can use Widemesh to easily deploy apps hosted in Droplets of your own DigitalOcean account. At the same time, it is common in other platforms to offer to Bring-Your-Own-Account(BYOA) as part of their enterprise offering, Widemesh offers cloud application deployments in your DigitalOcean account without extra fees for BYOA.

How does it work

All you need to do is create a provider using the CLI command:

mesh provider create

Select DigitalOcean and follow the instructions; once setup; Widemesh can automatically configure and manages all the necessary Projects, Droplets, and IP addresses in your DigitalOcean account for all the Widemesh racks created with such providers. You can use a single provider account to create a rack and host multiple apps.


The CLI should prompt you for a Token; the token you need to provide in this step is a DigitalOcean API Token you can easily grab from the dashboard as follows:

  1. Login to your DigitalOcean account Dashboard.
  2. Select the right team if you happen to have more than one.
  3. In the left Sidebar, select API.
  4. In the tab Token/Keys and section Personal Access Tokens, click on Generate New Token.
  5. Assign a proper name
  6. Select both Read and Write scopes
  7. Set Expiration to No Expiry
  8. Click on Generate Token.
  9. The dialog closes, and you should see the new token appears at the top of the list, click on Copy.
  10. Back in the terminal, paste the token in the Widemesh CLI.

Continue with the steps of the CLI or follow the racks provisioning guide.