Architecture Overview

Internal Architecture Overview

Advanced Topic! This page covers technical details of the platform. You do not need to understand these details to effectively use Widemesh.

Automated Infrastructure Management

A user can use administrator-access credentials from accounts in vendors such as DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services to register a cloud provider.

Widemesh uses the API of the vendor to provision a server and assigns it as part of a rack. A privileged agent runs inside the server and calls the Widemesh Service and listens for partial or full definitions of the environments assigned to the Rack.

The agent monitors and reports to the platform, almost in real-time, changes in the status of instances such as restart events and crash conditions affecting the underlying process.

Regularly the server, its operating system, and the agent (a combination known as Runtime) get updated by directing the traffic of the servers with new versions installed and old servers as deleted with minimal impact on traffic for the applications running in the Rack.

The runtime features the following major versions of components:

  • k3s 1
  • Ubuntu 18 LTS